AgriEcology:  Water, Soil, Forest, Fish and Wildlife

CREDITS:     1      COURSE LENGTH:  18 weeks

This Ag Science/Science course is designed to acquaint the student with our most important natural resources:  Water, Soil, Forest, Fish and Wildlife.   Students will evaluate the ties between finite natural resources and the need for conservation, sustainable agriculture development and stewardship of the environment.  Students will analyze the use of renewable and nonrenewable resources and the impact of human activity on them.

Students will develop skills in managing natural resources as agriculture crops including habitat requirements, life cycles and methods of conserving natural resource elements.  Students will analyze the interdependence of an ecosystem.  Hands-on labs will include water quality analysis, species identification, habitat development, timber stand improvement, aquaculture and effects of pollution.  Students will work with local game wardens, land managers, fish commissioners and sportsmen clubs to analyze the social systems effects on the environment.   A canoe trip with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation may be taken to provide students with the opportunity to think critically and generate potential solutions to environmental issues.  Current environmental laws will be reviewed.  Careers will be explored by students spending a day with a professional in the natural resources industry.