Applied Ag Plant Science 1: Floriculture and Greenhouse

APPLIED AGRICULTURE PLANT SCIENCE 1: Greenhouse Management & Floriculture

CREDITS:     1/2       COURSE LENGTH:  9 weeks

This Ag Science course will continue with the discussion about plants from the Ag Science I class.   Environmental concerns and current issues facing the plant science industry will be reviewed.  The Ag Department greenhouse, tree nursery and Green Elements lab will be used to apply plant science skills learned in class.

The cultural practices involved in the production of plants in a greenhouse setting including plant functions, soil preparation, plant propagation, fertilization and pest control will be covered.  Basic flower arranging design techniques and skills will be reviewed.   Flower identification and floriculture supplies will be examined.  The sales and marketing skill of a florist will be applied in a weekly flower shop run by students.  The career fields of horticulture including greenhouse engineering, bedding plant production, flower arranging and greenhouse management will be explored through hands on labs, field trips and student research.  Careers will be explored by students visiting with a professional in the plant science industry.

CLASS RESOURCES:  Floriculture ID resources

Manheim Central ID LIST:    2015_plant_list

Sample ID Slide:  Dieffenbachia ID Slide

Oklahoma State University Department of Horticulture:

HarBer FFA Floriculture ID Quizlet:

Great floral ID site:  Floriculture ID