Applied Ag Animal Science 2

APPLIED AGRICULTURE ANIMAL SCIENCE 2:  Beef, Sheep, and Swine Management

CREDITS:     1/2       COURSE LENGTH:  9 weeks

This agri-science class will continue with the discussion about Beef, Sheep and Swine from the Ag Science I class. The body systems including skeletal, reproduction, digestion, and mammary will be reviewed. Veterinary skills will be explored for the various livestock species.  Students will analyze best management practices for beef, sheep and swine.   Nutrient management laws as they relate to livestock will be examined.

Careers will be explored by students spending a day with a professional in the livestock industry.  Each student will explore varied agricultural career options in all units studied and relate them to their individual interest, aptitudes and skills.

In-depth management topics will center on the Beef, Sheep, Swine and Dairy industries. Areas to be covered will include health, housing, nutrition, selection, marketing, current issues and global and environmental concerns related to animal science, Field trips will be taken to local livestock producers to observe management practices and career possibilities.   Students will evaluate the impact of processed agriculture foods and products from livestock on current and future lifestyles.