Agriculture Science 1

AGRICULTURE SCIENCE 1: Introduction to Agriculture Science

CREDITS:     1       COURSE LENGTH:  18 weeks


This first year Agriculture Science course is designed to give students a basic overview of the agri-science industry.  Ag Science 1 will combine practical, hands-on experience in agri-science with an emphasis on applied skills and laboratory exploration.   Field trips may be scheduled throughout the year and a number of laboratory experiences will be included in each unit.

Major agriculture areas to be covered will include:  Animal Science, Leadership Development, Ag Processing, Natural Resources and Plant Science.  Students will study the importance of agriculture in Pennsylvania and the world.

Animal science discussions will include terminology and types of farming operations dealing with beef, sheep, swine, dairy, poultry and horses.  Students will participate in a livestock judging contest.

Students will develop their leadership potential by learning about their own leadership style.  Methods of speaking in front of group of your peers will be explored.  This leadership knowledge will be applied to a school wide community service project.

Students will gain an appreciation of how food goes “from the field to the table”.  Students will investigate the composition and processing of a food item of their choice.

Natural resources will deal with wildlife species habitat management, natural resource conservation, watersheds and land use options.

The plant science unit will give students an overview of how plants grow and how we use the products from plants. The unit will include soil preparations, growing a garden and greenhouse operation.  A field trip to Longwood Gardens may be included in the unit.