Agriculture Processing

AGRICULTURE PROCESSING:  Food Safety, Meat and Dairy Processing

CREDITS:     1/2       COURSE LENGTH:  9 weeks

Agriculture is more than farming.  The agriculture processing industry has become one of advance technology and provides consumers with superior quality food products that require skilled workers.  Students will evaluate the impact of processed agriculture foods and products on current and future lifestyles.   Topics including dairy and meat processing, factory processing of agriculture products, food inspection systems, environmental concerns associated with the processing industry and the marketing of the processed products.  The unlimited career opportunities available to students in the food processing industry will be explored.   Each student will explore varied agricultural career options in all units studied and relate them to their individual interest, aptitudes and skills.  Each student will visit with a professional in the food science industry.

Hands-on labs will be conducted to encourage students to demonstrate the agriculture processing concepts learned in class.  Labs will include meat quality identification, dairy foods evaluation, processing of several agriculture products and the examination of the global food supply.  Field trips to several food processing plants will be taken to see, first hand, the technology and careers in each area of agriculture processing.