Ag Biotechnology

AGRICULTURE BIOTECHNOLOGY:  Plant & Animal Biotechnology and Crop Science

CREDITS:     1/2       COURSE LENGTH:  9 weeks

This Ag Science course is designed to show student how principals of biology have been researched, manipulated and used to provide advancements in the production of food and fiber.  Students will describe how agricultural science has influenced biotechnology and their lives now and in the future.

Students will investigate how American agriculture can and will continue to feed an ever-increasing world population with limited resources.    A basic understanding of plant and animal reproduction will be advanced into a science of agriculture biotechnology.   A strong emphasis on agriculture research and applied student laboratory experiences to simulated the agriculture biotechnology industry work place.

Best management practices of farm crop production systems with an emphasis on corn, soybeans, grasses and small grains will be covered

Labs will include scientific manipulation of plant and animals and the examination of the global food supply.  Field trips will be taken to see first hand agriculture biotechnology practices and careers in agriculture biotechnology.