Manheim Central Ag-Ed Curriculum Offerings

Ag Career Pathway Opportunities

Agricultural Science PATHWAY 
Environment-Ecology-Engineering (EEE-required 9th grade class)
Agriculture Science 1-CASE AFNR

Applied Ag Animal Science 1:   Beef/Sheep/Swine Production and Vet Science
Applied Ag Animal Science 2:    Dairy and Poultry Production and Vet Science
Applied Animal Science 3:    Equine Science, Small Animals and Vet Science

Applied Ag Plant Science 1:   Floriculture and Greenhouse
Applied Ag Plant Science 2:   Landscaping 
Applied Plant Science 3:    Crop Science/Agronomy

Ag Processing:  Farm to Fork Food Chain
Ag Biotechnology CASE APB
Ag Sales and Marketing (HACC Ag Business course)

AgriEcology (also Jr/Sr Year Science credit)

AP Environmental Science (also Science credit)
Senior Ag Co-Op Experience

Agricultural Mechanics PATHWAY
• Agriculture Mechanics 1
• Advanced Ag Construction
• Ag Welding
• Small Gas Engines
• Diesel Mechanics and Ag Machinery
• Agriculture Construction

• Senior Ag Co-Op Experience