MCHS Course Selection for 2018-2019 School Year

Our MC Agriculture courses are offered to meet the needs of students in the following agriculture career preparation tracts:

  • Agriculture School to Work Technical Preparation: Students who will pursue a career in an agricultural trade after graduating from high school.
  • Agriculture College to Career Preparation: Students who will pursue collegiate agriculture education after graduating from high school.
    The incoming freshmen class of 2022 students have
    two credits of electives open in their schedule. 
    Our Ag-Ed program offers two first year (open to any grade level) Ag- Ed  elective options .    Our full semester one credit Ag-Ed electives are:  
  • Introduction  to Ag Mechanics
  • Introduction to Ag Science-CASE AFNR course

     Each of these course are prerequisites for the following years term length 45 day 1/2 credit Ag-Ed elective courses in either of those respective pathways.  

    All graduates of Manheim Central are required to successfully complete the Environment, Ecology and Engineering (EEE) course which is team taught with our Technical Education staff .

    Our Manheim Central High School Curriculum Guide contains our board approved graduation requirements and is available via our district website. 
  • Manheim Christian Day eighth grade students will visit the high school this spring to register for their ninth grade courses.


Manheim Central students have two crossover junior and senior year Ag and Science electives that they can earn graduation required science credit in.


MC Ag-Ed CTE Program Out of District Admission:
The Manheim Central Agriculture Education Program is a PA Department of Education Approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Per the language in Public School Code: Any resident of any school district which does not maintain an approved vocational program offering of the type of Ag-Ed training which he desires, may make application to the board of school directors of any other district for admission to such school or department maintained by said board.
This state education ruling means Manheim Central School District can accept students from Hempfield, Manheim Township, Warwick, Donegal School Districts and School District of Lancaster City so that they may purse agriculture career preparation . Applicant should make an appointment with Mrs. Anderson, Ag-Ed Instructional Facilitator to review admission expectations and process.
 Contact them at:





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