MC Offers National CASE Curriculum: AFNR, NRE and APB

Agriculture Education students at Manheim Central are learning about agriculture in an inquiry science and STEM way in their new CASE curriculum ag classes.  

CASE:  Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education,  classes provide a high level of educational experiences to students to enhance the rigor and relevance of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) , Animal and Plant Biotechnology (APB) and Natural Resources Ecology (NRE) subject matter. Besides elevating the rigor of AFNR knowledge and skills, CASE provides purposeful enhancement of science, mathematics, and English language understanding.

Mrs. Anderson and Mrs.Seibert attended Ag Food and Natural Resources (AFNR), Animal and Plant Biotechnology (APB) and Natural Resources and Ecology (NRE) CASE Institute training to gain new inquiry based science teaching methods and AgriScience content.

The CASE NRE curriculum is our required 9th grade Environment, Ecology course.

Students learn agriscience concepts by learning then applying their new academic knowledge to career possibilities.

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