Applied Plant Science

The Journey of the Soybean

The Soybean On Farm Life Cycle4:27

High Yields Goals 5:23 :

Soils 5:39 :

Build Top soil 4:02:

Planting 6:17 :

Row Spacing and Population 5:40 :

Growth 5:25:

Fertilizer  7:28

Manure 4:45:

Harvest 9:44

2017 MC Ag-Ed Program Tomato Plant Sale Project

MANY ag student hands to plant and transplant our 5,000 tomato plants


See this year’s variety list below in the attached Power Point below.


May 17    3-5 pm

All plants are now $2.00

Greenhouse Open House at Manheim Central High School

Use the parking lot entry off Hershey Drive and come back to the greenhouse by the track


A special thanks to our many valued customers who support our high school horticulture project-many have been with us since our first year selling at Landis Valley Museum Herb Fair in 2003

Click Here For Our 2017 Variety List:     2017 Tomato Varieties

26 Heirloom Tomato Plant Varieties for 2017

MC Offers National CASE Curriculum: AFNR, NRE and APB

Agriculture Education students at Manheim Central are learning about agriculture in an inquiry science and STEM way in their new CASE curriculum ag classes.  

CASE:  Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education,  classes provide a high level of educational experiences to students to enhance the rigor and relevance of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) , Animal and Plant Biotechnology (APB) and Natural Resources Ecology (NRE) subject matter. Besides elevating the rigor of AFNR knowledge and skills, CASE provides purposeful enhancement of science, mathematics, and English language understanding.

Mrs. Anderson and Mrs.Seibert attended Ag Food and Natural Resources (AFNR), Animal and Plant Biotechnology (APB) and Natural Resources and Ecology (NRE) CASE Institute training to gain new inquiry based science teaching methods and AgriScience content.

The CASE NRE curriculum is our required 9th grade Environment, Ecology course.

Students learn agriscience concepts by learning then applying their new academic knowledge to career possibilities.

2016 FFA Career Development Event SUCCESS

Our Mission at Manheim Central School District is:  To prepare responsible citizens who are lifelong learners.   

Our Manheim FFA members shined in exhibiting their career skills at CDE competitions at the 2016 PSU PA FFA Week and National FFA Convention.  

Three FFA CDE teams went to the headed to National FFA competitions this fall:

1st Place Farm Business Mgt Team will compete at National FFA Convention:  Vanessa Horning (first place individual), Kyle Burrichter, Steph Balmer and Holly Musser.  Emily Witmer-alternate team member


1st Place Ag Sales Team will compete at National FFA Convention: Tony Stoltzfus (first place individual), Kole Hollinger, Mattie Gibble and Megan Swope.  Danielle Fittery-alternate team member


2nd Place Horse Evaluation Team will compete at the Big E FFA competition: Emily Leibley, Adrianna Strait, Carley Sheppard and Rebecca Keppley.  Skyler Anderson-alternate team member


4th place Ag Technology and Mech Systems Team– Josiah Heisey (2nd place individual) , Corey Fisher, Alec Hess, Chris Ill

Ag Mech

4th Place Small Gas Engine Team:  Craig McKee and Jared Groff


Livestock Judging Team:  Julianna Gingrich, Corryn Wolgemuth, Jacob Oberholtzer, Hunter Hawkins


Course Selection for 2017-2018 School Year

Our MC Agriculture courses are offered to meet the needs of students in the following agriculture career preparation tracts:

  • Agriculture School to Work Technical Preparation: Students who will pursue a career in an agricultural trade after graduating from high school.
  • Agriculture College to Career Preparation: Students who will pursue collegiate agriculture education after graduating from high school.
    The incoming freshmen class of 2021 students have
    two credits of electives open in their schedule. 
    Our Ag-Ed program offers two first year (open to any grade level) Ag- Ed  elective options .    Our full semester one credit Ag-Ed electives are:  
  • Introduction  to Ag Mechanics
  • Introduction to Ag Science-CASE AFNR course

     Each of these course are prerequisites for the following years term length 45 day 1/2 credit Ag-Ed elective courses in either of those respective pathways.  

    All graduates of Manheim Central are required to successfully complete the Environment, Ecology and Engineering (EEE) course which is team taught with our Technical Education staff .

    Our Manheim Central High School Curriculum Guide contains our board approved graduation requirements and is available via our district website.  You may view it at any time there or by selecting the link below:


Manheim Central students have two crossover junior and senior year Ag and Science electives that they can earn graduation required science credit in.


MC Ag-Ed CTE Program Out of District Admission:
The Manheim Central Agriculture Education Program is a PA Department of Education Approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Per the language in Public School Code: Any resident of any school district which does not maintain an approved vocational program offering of the type of Ag-Ed training which he desires, may make application to the board of school directors of any other district for admission to such school or department maintained by said board.
This state education ruling means Manheim Central School District can accept students from Hempfield, Manheim Township, Warwick, Donegal School Districts and School District of Lancaster City so that they may purse agriculture career preparation . Applicant should make an appointment with Mrs. Anderson, Ag-Ed Instructional Facilitator, and Mr. Hughes, MC High School Principal, to review admission expectations and process.
 Contact them at:





Manheim Community Farm Show and the Manheim FFA Show Team


Parasite and Pasture Mgt BMP’s:


Beef Cattle Skill Standard Operating Procedures (SOP):

Applied Animal Science: Beef Techniques Web Quest

Online Sheep Quality Assurance certification:



Thirty four Manheim FFA members of our Manheim FFA Show Team exhibited their livestock SAE projects at the 2016 Manheim Community Farm Show.

Our 2016 Manheim FFA Show Team Members




MC Ag Student Career Exploration & Service Learning OPPORTUNITIES


Cindy Myers guided our students through the seven acres of greenhouses at Aris Horticulture in Smoketown, PA.

Kreider Farms opens their doors to their dairy facilities

That Fish Place welcomed our students to learn about careers in the pet industry

Animal Therapy Careers: Animal Science student tried horseback riding at Camp Hebron

Deer Country trains our students in hay baler sales techniques

Manheim Food Bank FFA and Young Farmer members volunteer to run a food drive

FFA alumni from Messick’s and Deer Country train our Ag Sales team

Manheim brough waste water facility

Career Exploration:  Manheim Borough waste water facility tour .

Service Learning: Lancaster County Conservation District and Chiques Creek Watershed Alliance

Service Learning: Lancaster County Conservation District and Chiques Creek Watershed Alliance

Manheim FFA Children’s Farm Show Ag Literacy Exhibit at the Manheim Farm Show.

Students learn about SUNY Cobleskill.

Career Exploration: Students learn about SUNY Cobleskill.

Mr. Kirby tells our AP ES students about N-P-K

Career Exploration:  Mr. Kirby , Kirby Agri, shows our AP ES students how N-P-K is used to grow our food.


Career Exploration:  Mr. Obetz , Worley and Obetz, explains the benefits of renewable fuels

A lesson in IPM from Sue at Hendrick’s Greenhouse and Florist in Lititz

Green Elements Center: Thanks to PP & L, Monsanto, DEP and McFEE

The Honors Ag Sci class students have been busy all fall working on the new Green Elements Center.  Environmental and ag science curriculum grants to our Ag-Ed Program from PP & L, Monsanto, PA DEP and McFEE were used  to sponsor the construction and planting of the “Living Roof’ , a solar panel, a wind turbine and green energy teaching equipment.   The supplier of the Sedum plants for the roof, Creek Hill Nursery in Manheim, gave our students horticulture industry training on installing the trays.